Federal DUI Charge

Federal DUI Charges in Tennessee

If you've been charged with a federal DUI, the Tennessee laws provide for harsh penalties that can expose an individual to the chance of imprisonment, hefty penalties and fees, and revocation or suspension of one's driving privileges. Depending on an individual's profession, Being convicted of a federal driving under the influence (DUI) charge may also result in revocation or suspension of an individuals professional license as well as other unfavorable job repercussions, including termination. For comprehensive and personalized individual representation a person that has been arrested and charged with a Tennessee Federal DUI, should contact an skilled Knoxville federal DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Federal DUI Charges VS. Tennessee State DUI Charges.

The approach of our firm takes in a Tennessee federal DUI charge is similar to a state DUI charge it requires a thorough evaluation of the circumstances and of the individuals arrest, irrespective of whether it was pursuant to a traffic stop or it occurred at a DUI checkpoint , to determine if a motion to dismiss based upon constitutional violations can result in a successful resolution of the federal dui case. should the charges appear that they'll go on to trial, a skilled DUI attorney will concentrate on an independent study of the actual toxicology report as a way to challenge the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) proof against the suspect. The DUI defense attorney should have extensive expertise in the development and presentation of the proof at trial this can be a important advantage to the accused.

Should you be facing a state or federal DUI charge, you have to know that somebody is watching out for your needs as well as making sure you are taking advantage of every one of the legal options available. You have to have someone who will assist you in choosing whether you will challenge the results of a blood test, question the police officer’s testimony, or ask for the court to dismiss all or all charges against you.

For this reason, you should have a competent and skilled Tennessee DUI attorney, who knows the ins and outs of the DUI laws in Tennessee and who is passionate about fighting for your rights and protecting your future.