Implied consent law in Tennessee

In the event someone is stopped by a police office under suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) and should refuse to take a urine, breath or blood test as a way to ascertain the blood alcohol percentage in an individual's body, the suspect could be charged with a Implied Consent Violation in Tennessee. The police officer who made the arrest and is investigating the case determines whenever the test should be administered, additionally, the motorist doesn't have any say in regards to which of the test they may be administered. Following the completion of the chemical, the suspect will be able to demand a completely independent test of their choice. The police officer or district attorney will provide very little guidance in getting an independent done, this is why it is crucial you contact a experienced Tennessee DUI lawyer immediately after you have been arrested and charged with drunk driving. Additionally, the suspect isn't permitted to seek advice from a Tennessee DUI defense attorney until they decide whether or not to choose to comply with a chemical test.

The Tennessee Implied Consent Law takes into account that you consent to one of the three chemical tests including breath, urine and blood to determine the amount of drug or alcohol content in the suspects blood has already been provided. Should the police officer have adequate evidence that the individual was in fact driving while impaired, these kinds of tests might be required. In a small amount cases, nevertheless, the motorist could also be made to take any of these test.

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The motorist may well refuse to take any of these test if it is not absolutely mandatory by law; but, the rejection results in suspension of the suspects driving license in most instances. The motorist might end up losing the Implied Consent charge even if they are successful at winning the DUI case. This simply means if the driver loses the implied consent case it will result in the loss of his or her drivers license most of the time, however could consist of mandatory jail sentence very rare happens only in a few cases.

When it comes to Implied Consent Cases, the penalties can vary and will usually rely on related facts and the circumstances of the case. The simplest way to deal with an Implied Consent charge in East Tennessee or Knoxville is to consult with a skilled Knoxville DUI Lawyer as soon as possible.