I have Been Arrested and Charged With DUI do I Need A DUI Attorney?

DUI charges in Tennessee are very serious and the penalties can be severe, depending on the type of charge, they generally include jail time and hefty fines. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Tennessee, it is crucial that you immediately contact a qualified DUI defense lawyer. Legal representation is a vital part of the process when you hope to be able to continue driving. you will need a DUI defense attorney who has successfully defended countless individuals who have been charged with a DUI.

Should a police officer suspect that you have been driving impaired as a result of the use of alcohol or drugs on account of exceeding the speed limit, erratic driving or any other factor, you'll be stopped. You might be asked to perform some specific FST's "field sobriety tests" administered by the police officer. Additionally, you will be asked to submit to a breathalyzer test which measures blood alcohol concentration (BAC) should yours register at .08% or over, you'll be arrested for and charged with DUI. Should you refuse the breath test, your license can be automatically suspended and the Driving under the influence penalties elevated by the implied consent law. Your use of the driver's license includes the implied consent to be tested for alcohol.

A Qualified DUI Defense Lawyer will Fight for Your Rights and Protect Your Future.

There is no test that is completely flawless and without error. FST"s ( field sobriety tests) are actually dependent upon the observation of the police officer and have not been proven as a scientific test. The Blood alcohol content (BAC) testing machines has to be maintained in order for it to provide accurate results and continue to be considered in good working order. There are numerous instances when the breathalyzer testing device was discovered to be malfunctioning. In such instances, someone charged with driving under the influence could possibly have not used any drugs or alcohol at all. Investigating the actual facts of your arrest is the job of a dedicated and aggressive DUI defense lawyer.There are various legal approaches to any drunk driving charge. Therefore It is crucial that you talk to an experienced DUI defense attorney to determine what can be done in your case. Your future and your freedom may depend upon it.